The Technology Performance Exchange

Centralized access to product energy performance data will reduce technology evaluation costs and increase market adoption of promising energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The Technology Performance Exchange provides interested parties—consumers, manufacturers, vendors, modelers, researchers, and utilities—access to standardized product data to facilitate and improve their assessments and comparisons of building-related products.

The Challenge

Commercial building engineers and designers are often approached with novel or underutilized energy efficiency technologies and products. In many cases they cannot verify the supplied performance claims, so they take no action.

The Technology Performance Exchange empowers technology evaluators to better assess product performance, conduct financial analyses with greater confidence, and compete more effectively for limited organizational capital resources.

The Solution

To address the need for accessible, high-quality data, the Technology Performance Exchange enables technology suppliers, third-party testing laboratories, and other entities to submit product performance data that private and public sector technology evaluators can use in their assessments to inform fact-based procurement decisions. The U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program and the Building Technologies Office are collaborating on this project.

Project Overview

The Technology Performance Exchange is a centralized, Web-based portal for finding and sharing energy performance data for commercial building technologies. Individuals who manufacture, supply, test, or evaluate technologies can use data entry forms to upload standardized, product-specific energy performance data. The Technology Performance Exchange also allows technology evaluators to quickly and easily identify who submitted data, when the data were submitted, and how the data were derived. Technology evaluators can leverage the raw data contained in the Technology Performance Exchange to (1) greatly reduce the time required to evaluate technology performance; and (2) improve the quality of their assessments. Energy-saving products will thus be able to penetrate the marketplace more quickly than ever before.

Pathways to Market

The Technology Performance Exchange acts as a bridge to help energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies overcome the “valley of death” between early innovation investment and profitable mass adoption, increasing adoption rates for promising technologies. This bridge can also significantly enhance existing programs, such as the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy that aim to accelerate the commercialization of impactful new technologies.

Image Credit: Marjorie Schott (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

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